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The South Waikato District Council will help you grow your business with dedicated support and streamlined processes.

Looking to set up a business in South Waikato? We work closely with investors, entrepreneurs and business owners to make the process as smooth as possible.

It’s a true collaborative approach that frees up your time so you can focus on getting your business going.

Business Support for small businesses in South Waikato, New Zealand

South Waikato Investment Trust (SWIFT)

Your business may be eligible for assistance from the South Waikato Investment Trust. SWIFT actively considers business investment opportunities in South Waikato and currently has $27 million of assets under management to help drive business growth.

Talk to us here at the Council about your business plans and we’ll evaluate how SWIFT can help to make those plans a reality.

Criteria for potential support include scalability that provides career prospects for employees, complexity in terms of adding value to commodity products and uniqueness to drive competitor advantage.


Whether you’re a startup or an established business looking to relocate or grow, we appreciate there’s a lot of pressure on your time.

At the South Waikato District Council, you’ll have a dedicated Business Case Manager (BCM) assigned to your project to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Your Case Manager will work closely with you, advising on possible sites and evaluating how the district can most effectively support your business plans.

They’ll drive the process and liaise with various departments within the Council so you don’t have to. It makes better use of your time and provides you with the one convenient point of contact.

SWIFT South Waikato Investment Fund Trust

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