Land Development

The Buttermilk development will be a near 40Ha Business Park* offering sufficient land to meet the requirements of large scale production facilities and for the development of co-located businesses. We understand that the developers have an indicative land cost of $85m2 with flexible design and build options to suit.

40Ha Business Park Commercial land in Putaruru South Waikato


Aside from the access to services (power, gas, ultrafast broadband, three waters) the site is geologically stable and has no issues with soil acidity or potential exposure to sulphur dioxide and resultant potential damage to machinery and buildings.

There are no known culturally significant areas on this site which might impede development. Soil formation is flat or flat to rolling, not peaty or susceptible to flooding. The site has direct access to State Highway 1 and Buttermilk B will contain a planned new rail siding which will be available to the site.


Indicative development timeline for industrial land

Buttermilk A is currently zoned Putāruru Business. Buttermilk B has been endorsed by the South Waikato District Council for a future zone change to Business.

Local iwi Raukawa and Te Arawa River Iwi Trust have provided support to Council to progress the zoning plan change. Council is in discussion with NZTA and other stakeholders to extend the area available for business zoning in the vicinity of the Buttermilk sites, which may add another 10Ha of Industrial Zoned land to this development (for the purpose of this document named Buttermilk C). *Subject to final development consents for Buttermilk C

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