Forestry Industry

South Waikato provides ample opportunity for forestry investment and businesses that service the forestry sector.

There are almost 70,000 hectares of production forests in the region alone, with a further 262,000 hectares in the immediate surrounding districts.

Investment Opportunities

South Waikato is at the heart of New Zealand’s commercial forestry plantations. Over one third of the country’s Pinus Radiate forests are located in the central North Island.

Major players in the region include Waratah, Carter Holt Harvey, Hancock Forestry Management (NZ), Oji Fibre Solutions and Pacific Pine.

The central location is a major attraction for local and international businesses involved in the forestry industry. Logs can be sent quickly and efficiently to the Port of Tauranga thanks to the rail and road hub based in the local town of Tokoroa.

This same central location and freight hub is a big benefit for businesses who manufacture or supply forestry related products too, such as furniture, building materials, pulp and paper, and crafts.

Forestry contribution to the South Waikato Economy

  • Forestry and Logging - $232.2M
  • Pulp & Paper Product Manufacturing - $201.2M
  • Wood Product Manufacturing - $78.2M

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Forestry Symposium


RJ Lincoln

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