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The South Waikato District sits just south of the ‘Golden Triangle’ linking Auckland, the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty – the powerhouse of the New Zealand economy and home to half the population of New Zealand.

Cyclists enjoying riding the Waikato River Trail in South Waikato

Central Location

The South Waikato District sits between Hamilton and Taupo in the mighty Waikato, which, alongside nearby Auckland and the Bay of Plenty, is the powerhouse of the New Zealand economy and home to half the country’s population.

South Waikato is relatively flat, with State Highway 1 running north to south, making the movement of goods safe and cost efficient. The rail line links Putāruru and Tokoroa to the Ports of Tauranga and Auckland, ideal for importing goods from overseas as well exporting finished product.


All of the district’s major towns are connected to Ultrafast fibre. Business and residential users can connect globally with optimal speed and performance for both work and leisure.

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Investment & Business Support

South Waikato District Council and the SWIF Trust recognise that your investment firstly needs to make sense financially, especially given the costs involved in land, buildings, plant and equipment.

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate how we could support the establishment of a large scale pre-fabricated home manufacturing facility within the South Waikato.

The South Waikato District Council works closely with investors evaluating the District’s potential to support their plans for the future. Council has experience in managing the delicate balance between economic growth and environmental impact and ensuring that the price of growth is not paid by future generations. 

There’s a lot of investment opportunities within the South Waikato including major development opportunities at the Buttermilk development site in Putāruru, Maeriti road site in Tokoroa, Tourism opportunities surrounding our lakes and high end retail in Tīrau.

For further details click on the industry and town links or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch.

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